1. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    You can get our files here https://www.nmcgaming.net/resources/ Im loading more each day
  2. C Capt.Dan!!!:
  3. S S@mM@t:
    hey guys how to add new base on SOF? i do not have lot's of base on my computer so i can't play more places plz advice me3D Smiles
  4. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
  5. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
  6. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    Thats what you do back east eh?
  7. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    now slowdown with weed, even if it legal now
  8. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
  9. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    I need to load the smiles up again as well.
  10. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    Done as well !
  11. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    ... and miss the file too ;)
  12. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    ok ill add it, missed that one :emoji_basketball:
  13. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    cellblock is on Xmas , but not in download list
  14. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    @S@mM@t Our server ip,s are listed below on gametracker !
  15. S S@mM@t:
    hey guys i am new in here so how can i play SOM by nmc
  16. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    original images are now up again
  17. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    seem the background have bordercut, maybe post the original image BB.
  18. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    use the transparent logo image, same place as the full background (last msg in post)
  19. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    some of the old members accounts not working, make a new account and PM me your info ill fix it for you ;)
  20. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    I talked to joe last night, told him to pop over
  21. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    im thinking the banner should stretch right across?
  22. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
  23. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    Looks like its changed the background
  24. [NMC]BigBoy [NMC]BigBoy:
    ok :cool:
  25. -nmc-godarium -nmc-godarium:
    ya the size of banner is ok, you just put at wrong place.. but... is you put at right place the banner will appear 2 time (at the end of the first appearance, to fill the size) so just add black background at the original header